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Family of Sir John GRESHAM and Henrietta Maria CLAYTON

Husband: Sir John GRESHAM (1735-1801)
Wife: Henrietta Maria CLAYTON (1738-1804)
Children: Catherine Maria GRESHAM (1770-1808)
Marriage 1765

Husband: Sir John GRESHAM

Name: Sir John GRESHAM
Sex: Male
Father: Sir Marmaduke GRESHAM (1700-1742)
Mother: Anne HOSKINS ( - )
Birth 1735
Death 1801 (age 65-66)

Wife: Henrietta Maria CLAYTON

Name: Henrietta Maria CLAYTON
Sex: Female
Father: Sir Kenrick CLAYTON (1707-1769)
Mother: Henrietta Maria HERRING (1710-1774)
Birth 1738
Death 1804 (age 65-66)

Child 1: Catherine Maria GRESHAM

Name: Catherine Maria GRESHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: William LEVESON GOWER (1779-1851)
Birth 1770
Death 1808 (age 37-38)