Blackie and extended family
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John BLACKIE's mother: Ann BROWN (1761-1829)

Family of John BLACKIE and Martha DRYDEN

Husband: John BLACKIE (1797-1840)
Wife: Martha DRYDEN (1801-1841)
Children: John BLACKIE (1829-1880?)
Thomas Morell BLACKIE (1831- )
Robert BLACKIE (1834-1890?)
Anne BLACKIE (1836-1900?)
Jane BLACKIE (1838-1900?)
James Morell BLACKIE (1841-1889)
Marriage 1821

Husband: John BLACKIE

Name: John BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Ann BROWN (1761-1829)
Occupation Clergyman
Birth 1797
Death 1840 (age 42-43)

Wife: Martha DRYDEN

Name: Martha DRYDEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1801 Berwick on Tweed
Death 1841 (age 39-40)

Child 1: John BLACKIE

Name: John BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Birth 1829
Death 1880 (est) (age 50-51)

Child 2: Thomas Morell BLACKIE

Name: Thomas Morell BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Maria RISE (1834- )
Birth 1831 Bungay, Suffolk
Occupation Schoolmaster

Child 3: Robert BLACKIE

Name: Robert BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma WIGG (1839- )
Birth 1834
Death 1890 (est) (age 55-56)
Occupation Grocer, "Sugar Loaf", corner of Broad Street and Norfolk Street

Child 4: Anne BLACKIE

Name: Anne BLACKIE
Sex: Female
Birth 1836
Death 1900 (est) (age 63-64)

Child 5: Jane BLACKIE

Name: Jane BLACKIE
Sex: Female
Birth 1838
Death 1900 (est) (age 61-62)

Child 6: James Morell BLACKIE

      James Morell BLACKIE     Spouse: Priscilla Louisa HORDERN
Name: James Morell BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Priscilla Louisa HORDERN (1846-1925)
Occupation Clergyman
Birth 1841 Bungay
Census 1861 (age 20) Hemel Hempstead
Death 1889 (age 47-48)

Note on Husband: John BLACKIE

Lived in Bungay

Note on Wife: Martha DRYDEN

There's a site which records a Margaret Dryden being born in c. 1800 and in the right place, so a possibility.