Blackie and extended family
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Sarah RISE's parents: Benjamin RISE (1805- ) and Sarah (1805- )

Family of Thomas Morell BLACKIE and Sarah Maria RISE

Husband: Thomas Morell BLACKIE (1831- )
Wife: Sarah Maria RISE (1834- )
Children: Annie Maud BLACKIE (1859- )
Agnes Sarah BLACKIE (1867- )

Husband: Thomas Morell BLACKIE

Name: Thomas Morell BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Father: John BLACKIE (1797-1840)
Mother: Martha DRYDEN (1801-1841)
Birth 1831 Bungay, Suffolk
Occupation Schoolmaster

Wife: Sarah Maria RISE

Name: Sarah Maria RISE
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin RISE (1805- )
Mother: Sarah (1805- )
Birth 1834 Norwich

Child 1: Annie Maud BLACKIE

Name: Annie Maud BLACKIE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick PAYNE (1847- )
Birth 1859

Child 2: Agnes Sarah BLACKIE

Name: Agnes Sarah BLACKIE
Sex: Female
Birth 1867

Note on Husband: Thomas Morell BLACKIE

Had his own school in Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex. His assistant master Frederick Payne marrried Thomas's daughter Annie Maud.