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Family of Robert OWEN and Ann Caroline DALE

Husband: Robert OWEN (1771-1858)
Wife: Ann Caroline DALE (1778-1831)
Children: Robert Dale OWEN (1801-1877)

Husband: Robert OWEN

Name: Robert OWEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1771 Newtown, Wales
Death 1858 (age 86-87)

Wife: Ann Caroline DALE

Name: Ann Caroline DALE
Sex: Female
Father: David DALE (1739-1806)
Mother: Ann CAMPBELL (1753-1791)
Birth 1778
Death 1831 (age 52-53)

Child 1: Robert Dale OWEN

Name: Robert Dale OWEN
Sex: Male
Birth 1801
Death 1877 (age 75-76)