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Katherine CAMDEN's parents: Noel CAMPDEN (1612- ) and Elizabeth BERTIE (1640-1683)

Family of John MANNERS and Katherine Noel CAMDEN

Husband: John MANNERS (1638-1710)
Wife: Katherine Noel CAMDEN (1657-1732)
Children: Catherine MANNERS (1675-1723)
Marriage 1673

Husband: John MANNERS

Name: John MANNERS
Sex: Male
Father: John MANNERS (1604-1679)
Mother: Frances MONTAGU (1613-1671)
Birth 1638
Death 1710 (age 71-72)

Wife: Katherine Noel CAMDEN

Name: Katherine Noel CAMDEN
Sex: Female
Father: Noel CAMPDEN (1612- )
Mother: Elizabeth BERTIE (1640-1683)
Birth 1657
Death 1732 (age 74-75)

Child 1: Catherine MANNERS

Name: Catherine MANNERS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sir John LEVESON GOWER (1675-1709)
Birth 1675
Death 1723 (age 47-48)

Note on Husband: John MANNERS

First Duke of Rutland