Blackie and extended family
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Family of Wilfred John BLACKIE and Bertha LAND

Husband: Wilfred John BLACKIE (1869-1941)
Wife: Bertha LAND (1873-1956)
Children: Edmund Morell BLACKIE (1896-1983)
Marriage 1895

Husband: Wilfred John BLACKIE

Name: Wilfred John BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Father: James Morell BLACKIE (1841-1889)
Mother: Priscilla Louisa HORDERN (1846-1925)
Birth 17 Jul 1869 Bungay, Suffolk
Death 1941 (age 71-72)

Wife: Bertha LAND

Name: Bertha LAND
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1873
Death 1956 (age 82-83)

Child 1: Edmund Morell BLACKIE

Name: Edmund Morell BLACKIE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jean ARKELL (1903-1979)
Birth 1896
Death 1983 (age 86-87)

Note on Husband: Wilfred John BLACKIE

Settled in Canada