Blackie and extended family
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Frances LEVESON's parents: John LEVESON (1586-1622) and Frances SONDES (1590- )

Family of Sir Thomas GOWER and Frances LEVESON

Husband: Sir Thomas GOWER (1605-1672)
Wife: Frances LEVESON (1610- )
Children: Sir William LEVESON GOWER (1644-1691)

Husband: Sir Thomas GOWER

Name: Sir Thomas GOWER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas GOWER (1584-1655)
Mother: Ann D'OYLY (1583-1633)
Birth 1605
Death 1672 (age 66-67)

Wife: Frances LEVESON

Name: Frances LEVESON
Sex: Female
Father: John LEVESON (1586-1622)
Mother: Frances SONDES (1590- )
Birth 1610 Halling

Child 1: Sir William LEVESON GOWER

Name: Sir William LEVESON GOWER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane GRANVILLE (1653-1696)
Birth 1644
Death 1691 (age 46-47)